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David Bowie © Ralf Liebhold

From Bowie to the beach, this is definitely a movie for surround-sound!

Complementing one of the world’s most cinematically rich areas is the film’s equally extraordinary sound.

Guided by engineer Scott Mulready, Bosch & Rockit  transports its audience deep into the ocean and rainforests of Australia’s iconic Byron Bay and Tweed coast.

Bosch & Rockit  grabs you from the outset with the legendary David Bowie fuelling the senses as Bosch, our film’s enigmatic rebel, pumps his classic Eleanor Mustang down a highway to … well, watch and find out!

Brian Cachia’s score reflects the sometimes haunting, often dramatic and ever shifting moods of Bosch & Rockit.

Along with David Bowie, the soundtrack also features current Australian artist RY X and the enduring tones of Marc Hunter as Dragon classics pepper the movie.