A David and Goliath Story

The making of Bosch & Rockit  is its own compelling tale.

Behind the scenes a story of courage, tenacity, risk and opportunity unfolded as two independent filmmakers took on COVID and made a movie against the odds.

Masks and COVID bubbles have now become a way of life, but when we started filming Bosch & Rockit  they were new for us and for the industry.

We started pre-production in March 2020, with a heavy focus on finding a way to work through COVID, and our cameras started rolling at iconic Byron Bay five months later.

Luke Hemsworth, who stars as Bosch, says filming during the pandemic was a venture into the unknown, but our cast and crew rose to the challenge and the ‘can do’ attitude of everyone on set got us through, from day one to wrap…


a story told through the eyes of innocence

Our film is a powerful story told through the eyes of 13-year-old Rockit, played by Rasmus King, a newcomer to the film industry.

We knew Rasmus could act within minutes of his screen test, but just how good he was won the respect of everyone on set as the actor on debut nailed the ‘gnarly scenes’.

On the strength of his performance in Bosch & Rockit, Rasmus has been signed by global entertainment agency WME in California, along with director Tyler Atkins.