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The canvas for Bosch & Rockit  is iconic Byron Bay with all its natural treasures.

This extraordinary backdrop of the Australian Coast is the perfect fit for our story and the style Tyler Atkins wanted to create to bring it to life.

He worked closely with DOP Ben Nott ACS to develop a shooting model that is based on taking full advantage of the natural light and scale of our remarkable seascape.

We shot Bosch & Rockit  with anamorphic lenses to capture the phantasmagoric visuals, along with light cranes for the camera work and a drone to capture the vastness of our ocean which ultimately shows ‘a boy held by nature’.

The tone and feel will capture a sense that Bosch is being watched, hunted, a man on the run … the juxtaposition of a relaxed father and son surfing safari with the tension and suspense of not knowing what’s around the next corner … the complexities of this father and son relationship … the bonds of Rockit’s other connections to family and friends. Our point of view camera reflects his inner search for love.